Our Founder Grace Choi Being One of the Speakers at the Chit Chat Session - "香港長衫的黃金時代與未來Cheongsam's golden era and future" during CENTRESTAGE 2017. "


Our founder Grace Choi was honour to be invited by Ms Yolanda Ng, Wan Chai District Council member, as one of the esteemed speakers at the chit chat session -  "香港長衫的黃金時代與未來Cheongsam's golden era and future" during CENTRESTAGE 2017. 

The chit-chat session aims at promoting the culture of “Cheongsam” and to allow the public to have a thorough understanding about the history of “Cheongsam” and how the traditional “Cheongsam” to incorporate into the modern fashion. 


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