"WHEN EAST MEETS WEST" An Interview by BACCARAT Magazine about Our Founder and Designer - Grace Choi

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Grace Choi - Yi-ming Founder and Designer

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WHAT? Yi-ming specialises in modern qipao, with a range of unique dresses that can be worn on any occasion.

WHO? Founder Grace Choi is a former model who studied business and fashion design. “The qipao used to be a symbol of intellectual women, and was very popular among socialites, aristocrats and celebrities,” she explains. “Hong Kong had its golden age of qipao in the ’50s and ’60s, but the traditional craft declined due to changes in the social atmosphere.” Choi believes that the historic value and craftsmanship of each qipao gives it a timeless quality, and wanted to create a brand that offered modern versions of the traditional garment. After wearing one at a fashion show and being inspired by their history, she launched Yi-ming in 2011.

WHAT TO EXPECT There are a wide range of qipao on offer, boasting colourful prints and varying textures in materials such as silk, chiffon and lace. Clever cutting and detailing give the qipao a loose cut, while features such as jade buckles, knot buckles, and Chinese collars and hems retain a sense of tradition.

WHAT’S NEW? Initially the brand offered only evening dresses, but the range has since expanded to include a resort line as well as tops, capes, accessories and a children’s line. Earlier this month Yi-ming held its first fashion show – entitled Botanic Fantasy, the latest collection is comprised of 30 floral styles inspired by the designer’s travel photos and featuring digital printing. “The collection showcases the natural beauty and energy of summer, as well as the balance between a traditional craft and modernity,” Choi says.

WHERE? See yi-ming.asia

(from Baccarat Magazine Online)

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