Breaking news!!! Yi-ming is Now on Goxip!!!
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Breaking news!!! Yi-ming is Now on Goxip!!!

Posted on February 22 2017

【Breaking news! Yi-ming is now on Goxip❤️😍】
Attention please all fans and consumers, Yi-ming is now officially on Goxip - the biggest and coolest fashion and beauty shopping platform in Hong Kong👠👕 🕶💋 Follow the steps to find us and check out in the app right now:
1) Download the latest version of Goxip:
2) Press the find friends button on the top left
3) Search our username: Yi-ming❤️❤️
4) Go to our profile and find all our latest products
5) See something you like? Add to bag and check out right away with Apple Pay/Android Pay, then wait for our delivery. 👏🏻👏🏻Simple, Quick & Convenient. 
What you are waiting for? Download now and start shopping!👍🏻👍🏻
Download @goxip Google Play/ iOS:
各位尊貴既顧客,最新消息,Yi-ming已經上左Goxip呢個最潮最大既時裝與美容購物平台👠👕 🕶💋你可以係上邊搵到我哋最新最靚既產品,然後立即係App到俾錢就得💰💰跟住以下步驟,就會搵到我哋嫁啦!
2) 按左上角個搵Friend制
3) 打我哋個username: Yi-ming❤️❤️
4) 入我哋Account就會搵到全部產品
5)  見到有咩鍾意就要Add to bag, 用Apple Pay/Android Pay 付款, 然後係屋企等我哋送貨!👏🏻👏🏻簡單,快捷,方便!
Goxip Google Play/ iOS 立即下載:
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