Yi-ming is an oriental influenced fashion label founded in 2011 by Grace Choi, a former famous fashion model. With an appreciation for the arts and an eye for quality, Yi-ming has found its position in the development of a signature line of contemporary East-meets-West style garments, combining oriental Chinese detail with western craftsmanship. 

Through its insistence on consistency and quality, Yi-ming has transported the tailored Oriental aesthetic to another time and place, and forged a dramatic cross-cultural style. 

As for brand philosophy, Yi-ming believes that a brand should not blindly follow fashion trends. Fashion entails viewing historical styles from new and different angles. In this way, style retains the characteristics necessary to be passed down to future generations, blending the past and present into a unique style. 

Yi-ming celebrates the creation of beautiful clothes that appeal to all ages and ethnicities. It offers a stylish, high-quality products as well as inviting the consumer to experience the history and philosophy behind them – a dedication to innovation and exotic imagery.