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  • 湛琪清 Jessica 展示 Yi-ming Cheong Qipao 東方時尚旗袍獨特的美與自信

    Posted on February 21 2020

    湛琪清(Jessica)選擇的這兩套 Yi-ming 長衫旗袍,正正展現了時尚旗袍的兩大重要元素,既時尚也帶有傳統色彩。第一套是Yi-ming x Disney Mickey迪士尼米奇系列,而另一套是香港日與夜紫荊花系列,兩套旗袍都用了粉色,而粉色正正代表着春夏,一年的新開始。踏入2020春季,如果想挑選一些春夏衣服,這兩套絕對不能錯過。 Photo by 東周刊 📍  

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  • Making of : Yi-ming SS14 Fashion Shoot

    Posted on January 23 2014

    Yesterday was an exciting day on site for Yi-ming’s photo shoot to introduce our upcoming second collection.  Be ready for beautiful lace embroideries and lively prints.  Here’s a sneak peak...

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  • Making of : Yi-ming SS12 Fashion Shoot

    Posted on September 12 2012

    Strike a pose! Do you like the style shots that we took for Yi-ming?  If so, then here's some more for your viewing.   Enjoy!  

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