Yi-ming Featuring Aspire Magazine (Hong Kong Airlines)

A Modern Take On A Classic Dress - Yi-ming ( August Issue of Aspire Magazine)

Hong Kong label Yi-ming, launched by former model Grace Choi, specialises in well-cut cheongsam (also known as qipao) that can serve as an Eastern alternative to the go-to Western gowns popular at weddings and other special occasions. Her 2017 Heritage Voyage collection is inspired by traditional Chinese screen and paper-cut fl ower patterns, but given a modern update with the addition of a matching cape, an Oriental throw-over or a cropped jacket. Choi is especially partial to delicate embroidered lace, chiff on silk and colourful brocades, making every piece an elegant interpretation of one of fashion’s best loved styles. Look out as well for the brand’s upcoming knitwear cheongsam, maternity collection and matching mummy-and daughter pieces.

(Text: Charlene Fang Aspire Magazine)

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