【 Yi-ming 創辦人蔡毅明小姐分享創辦旗袍品牌的心路歷程】

【 Yi-ming 創辦人蔡毅明小姐分享創辦旗袍品牌的心路歷程】 Grace 細說從第一次在秀台上穿上旗袍,到成立長衫旗袍品牌的點滴。由舞台製作演變成時裝設計師的轉化 ,作為一位香港女性企業家面對疫情,怎樣利用網上平台及Digital科技逆境重生,並打開亞洲及歐洲市場。以及分享部份自家品牌作品的設計理念,如何將長衫旗袍文化融入現今時尚的潮流模式。巧合今次我們接受 DotAsia Organisation 專訪,Grace 亦解釋了多年客戶的疑問,為什麼我們的網上店不是DotCom而是 DotAsia
Former fashion model Grace Choi founded her own #fashion label Yi-ming in 2011 and has established a signature #Cheongsam line with contemporary East-meets-West style of garments, combining Oriental & Asian designs with Western aesthetics. To celebrate the brand's 10th anniversary this year, Grace shares with #DotAsia her business journey, as well as her plans to incorporate digital and sustainable ideas with Asian representation in the modern fashion world. www.yi-ming.asia Follow us to discover more about .Asia domains and Asian stories. Correction: Audio Credit - "Awake by Sappheiros" #IntheMoodforQiPao #ConnectingAsiawithOneDomain


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