Hong Kong Day & Night 2019 – Yi-ming
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Hong Kong Day & Night 2019

As a local cheongsam designer based in such vibrant city like Hong Kong, Grace thoughtfully interpreted the sentiments of Hong Kong on every piece of her design. In this collection, she was inspired from famous hotspots and icons in Hong Kong which exhibit Hong Kong nostalgia in day and night.

Grace’s bold innovation is a breakthrough. Design inspired from freshly baked Hong Kong style egg tarts; classic red-white-blue nylon canvas; neon light signs of streets and skyline; the geometrical beauty of old public housing estates; Made in Hong Kong watermelon ball; national collection   mahjong entertainment; Hong Kong’s emblem – Bauhinia flower; Hong Kong classic car; Hong Kong signature sightseeing places like “Pearl of the Orient” Victoria Harbour; and elegant lace print, all these inspirations conveying into “Hong Kong Day & Night” Collection and dedicated to those who fond of Hong Kong.


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